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littleBits Space Kit
Guide to Fun Classroom Technology Projects
Our Price: $49.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $44.50 Inc GST
Savings: $5.00
littleBits Space Kit
Our Price: $284.90 Inc GST
4D Interactive Projector Stand
Our Price: $764.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $654.50 Inc GST
Savings: $110.00
The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun features an assortment of clever classroom-tested maker projects for learners of all ages. The littleBits Space Kit will enable anyone to build their own space investigations with little to no engineering knowledge. Included is a handy 30+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the ISS and Mars Rover. Innovative and mobile, the 4d Interactive Projector Solution is the most flexible and cost effective way to enable interactive teaching… anywhere in the school.
littleBits - Premium Kit BYOD Charging Hub
Sit / Stand Teacher Table
Our Price: $764.50 Inc GST
littleBits Premium Kit
Our Price: $218.90 Inc GST
ISIS BYOD Charging Hub
Our Price: $1,644.50 Inc GST
Height-adjustable, moveable table enables teaching from anywhere in the room using wireless keyboard and mouse. The littleBits Premium Kit is a sure-fire way to keep the creativity flowing and will allow budding engineers to make bigger, more intricate devices. The Kit contains 14 modules. The Isis mobile hub provides 6 external Au mains power sockets and 6 external USB power sockets, with intelligent power setting to correctly charge multiple USB devices.
Wearable Tech - Group Pack
Our Price: $16.50 Inc GST
littleBits CloudBit Starter Kit
Our Price: $199.99 Inc GST
Suitable for 6 students this kit provides things you need to create simple electronic projects like wearable tech, greetings cards, model planes and flying saucers, all with light up parts. High impact fabric-upholstered soft seating and low tables that can be flexibly organised into different patterns to create informal meeting hubs. Connect your littleBits to the internet and make web controlled inventions with the cloudbit strater Kit
littleBits Arduino Coding Kit
Our Price: $199.99 Inc GST
Stabile Coil Pro and Grapple Pro
Our Price: $163.90 Inc GST
Sale Price: $141.90 Inc GST
Savings: $22.00
This Limited Edition bundle contains 8 of our favourite prototyping modules. It's everything you need to get started with electronics and programming. Flexible Coil Based Pivoting iPad Stand - iPad 3, 2 and Original. Perfect ergonomics and great fun, you can ride your Lamu backwards or forwards so he / she becomes a seat or a reading perch.
littleBits Deluxe Kit
littleBits Deluxe Kit
Our Price: $299.53 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Flex
Our Price: $40.70 Inc GST
The Deluxe Kit is the biggest littleBits collection ever produced, opening up a world of endless design possibilities for young builders. Winner of Dr. Toy’s “10 Best Technology Toys of 2013,” the Deluxe Kit contains 18 modules

World Charger + Portable Battery
Fast-Charging with 5 Global Plug Adapters + 2000mAh Removable Battery