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iStabilizer - Tab Mount
Our Price: $40.70 Inc GST
Wearable Tech - Class Pack
Our Price: $71.50 Inc GST

High Impact low tables that can be flexibly organised into different shapes to create informal meeting hubs.

This kit provides things you need to create simple electronic projects like wearables, greetings cards, model planes and flying saucers, all with light up parts.
Parrot Minidrone Airborne Night
Our Price: $202.40 Inc GST
Guide to 3d Printing in the Classroom
Our Price: $49.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $44.50 Inc GST
Savings: $5.00
Thanks to their powerful white LED lights activated from the FreeFlight 3
app, the Airborne Night can explore even in the shadows of darkness.
This Drone can also be programmed using the Tynker app.
High impact fabric-upholstered soft seating and low tables that can be flexibly organised into different patterns to create informal meeting hubs. This book is an essential guide for educators interested in bringing the amazing world of 3D printing to their classrooms.
littleBits Korg Synth Kit
Our Price: $240.90 Inc GST
This mobile Science and Technology Lab provides a mobile workstation along with storage for a host of equipment. Inspired by Google Cardboard V2, the GoggleBox VR Headset works with IOS and Android devices up to 6" This is the Korg Synth Kit from littleBits, a perfect electronics kit for beginners and experts alike that contains everything you need to make music on your own analog synthesizer.
Easi-Speak Pro
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
Talk-Time Recording Pen
Our Price: $8.75 Inc GST
Hummingbird Duo Base Kit
Our Price: $279.00 Inc GST
A handheld Digital MP3 recorder with USB Connection and built in battery.
Record up to 6 seconds of sound on this handy and cost effective recording pen. Hummingbird Duo base kit contains everything you need to build a fun robot with moving parts and lots of LED lights. Sensors in the base kit allow your robot to sense light levels or temperature
Green Screen Standard Kit
Green Screen Standard Kit
Our Price: $878.90 Inc GST
Edison Robot
Our Price: $65.00 Inc GST
Funky comfort and colour ! A green screen kit is ideal for school use. The kit includes coloured cloth background, back ground stand and 4x soft box lights.
Meet Edison
The super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!