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Easi-Speak Pro
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
littleBits Hardware Development Kit
Our Price: $79.95 Inc GST
Wearable Tech - Group Pack
Our Price: $16.50 Inc GST
A handheld Digital MP3 recorder with USB Connection and built in battery.
The Hardware Development Kit (HDK) is the quickest way to get started developing your own module for the bitLab. Suitable for 6 students this kit provides things you need to create simple electronic projects like wearable tech, greetings cards, model planes and flying saucers, all with light up parts.
Recording Pegs - 6 pack
Our Price: $99.00 Inc GST
iStabilizer - TabArm
Our Price: $132.00 Inc GST
Award Winning Early Years set of 6 Recordable Pegs.
Now in stock :)
Ozobot Evo is the only connected, smart robot of its kind. Little bot. Big personality.

Big Point
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
Guide to 3d Printing in the Classroom
Our Price: $49.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $44.50 Inc GST
Savings: $5.00
Guide to Fun Classroom Technology Projects
Our Price: $49.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $44.50 Inc GST
Savings: $5.00
Ideal for speaking and listening activities, each Big Point records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.
This book is an essential guide for educators interested in bringing the amazing world of 3D printing to their classrooms. The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun features an assortment of clever classroom-tested maker projects for learners of all ages.
School TV Recording Studio
School TV Recording Studio
Our Price: $2,524.50 Inc GST
littleBits CloudBit Module
Our Price: $160.06 Inc GST
Sale Price: $141.90 Inc GST
Savings: $18.16
Talking Point - 10 Second - 6 pack
Our Price: $69.00 Inc GST
Use the TV Studio to generate a real time 'live view' of projects (the 'monitor' screens that allow students see what they're doing and act within their productions) and record productions live to your PC or MAC. The new cloudBit, use this to create internet-connected devices in seconds. Hand held device that helps improve speaking and listening skills - record and plays back 10 seconds of sound.
Our Price: $159.98 Inc GST
SmartiPi Kit #1
Our Price: $33.00 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Flex
Our Price: $50.60 Inc GST
The App controlled robot powered by adrenaline... The SmartiPi is a versatile Raspberry Pi B+ and Pi 2 Model B case and camera case with LEGO® and GoPro® mount compatibility.