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From Recordable Photo Albums to Programmable Robots like Bee-bot, in our Classroom Technologies section you will find teaching resources, technology and tools that can help you and your students across a range of subject areas.

Check out the award winning Easi-Speak, an excellent literacy and ESL teaching resource, or the Easi-Scope, a hand held USB microscope that is great for science and discovery based learning.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or need some advice on what you can use for a certain activity - please email enquiries@edtechs.com.au and we'll do our best to help!

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Easi-Speak Bluetooth Easi-Speak Pro Rainbow Easi-Speak Set
Easi-Speak Bluetooth
Our Price: $149.00 Inc GST
Easi-Speak Pro
Our Price: $149.00 Inc GST
Rainbow Easi-Speak Set
Our Price: $549.00 Inc GST
Easi-Speak® Bluetooth is the latest version of the popular Easi-Speak range from TTS. A handheld Digital MP3 recorder with USB Connection and built in battery.
The award winning Easispeak MP3 Recorder has just got even better. Now available in a vibrant colourful set of 6 units with Docking Station.
Easi-Speak Microphone Stand Recording Pegs - 6 pack Recording Wall (30 pockets)
Easi-Speak Microphone Stand
Our Price: $29.00 Inc GST
Recording Pegs - 6 pack
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
Recording Wall (30 pockets)
Our Price: $69.00 Inc GST
A great stand for the Easi-Speak range, ideal for hands free recording, group discussions or to promote speaking and listening skills. Award Winning Early Years set of 6 Recordable Pegs. The recording wall is the perfect cross- curricular classroom resource. Place cards, objects or drawings inside the pockets, then record a 10 second message relating to the object in the pocket.
Recording Butterflies Recording Bar Green Screen Standard Kit
Recording Butterflies
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
Recording Bar
Our Price: $59.00 Inc GST
Green Screen Standard Kit
Our Price: $899.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $799.00 Inc GST
Savings: $100.00
A wonderfully versatile set of 6 recording devices which can be transformed into a range of winged
Create talking stories, class timetables or questions and answer games on this recordable bar.
A green screen kit is ideal for school use. The kit includes coloured cloth background, back ground stand and 4x soft box lights.
Bee-Bot Rechargeable Blue-Bot Rechargeable Green Screen Standard Kit
Bee-Bot Rechargeable
Our Price: $129.00 Inc GST
Blue-Bot Rechargeable
Our Price: $219.00 Inc GST
Elgato Portable Green Screen
Our Price: $289.99 Inc GST
Now Rechargeable! The award winning programmable floor robot.
Introducing Blue-Bot, the Bluetooth floor robot Welcome to the future of programming in the classroom! Simply flip open the aluminum case, lift the handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock your canvas in place. That’s it.
STARWARS littleBits DROID Inventor Kit Chatter Block Piper Computer Kit - Minecraft Edition
STARWARS littleBits DROID Inventor Kit
Our Price: $149.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $129.95 Inc GST
Savings: $19.05
Chatter Block
Our Price: $59.00 Inc GST
Piper Computer Kit - Minecraft Edition
Our Price: $449.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $399.95 Inc GST
Savings: $49.05
Kids can create their own custom Droid™ and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks! Take a spin and have a chat with this recordable dice !
Piper is a laptop computer kit that kids assemble themselves, then use the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft Story and learn physical engineering and electronics.
Scratch Coding Cards Easi-Ears MP3 Player Headphones
Scratch Coding Cards
Our Price: $39.95 Inc GST
Our Price: $1,199.00 Inc GST
MP3 Player Headphones
Our Price: $99.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $50.00 Inc GST
Savings: $49.00
With the Scratch Coding Cards, kids learn to code as they create interactive games, stories, music, and animations. A unique digital Listening Station with wireless headphones, designed for primary schools and nurseries. A unique digital MP3 headphones designed for primary schools and nurseries.
Cubetto Coding Robot Cubetto Class Coding Kit Easi-Scope Digital Microscope
Cubetto Coding Robot
Our Price: $349.95 Inc GST
Sale Price: $319.00 Inc GST
Savings: $30.95
Cubetto Class Coding Kit
Our Price: $1,599.00 Inc GST
Easi-Scope Digital Microscope
Our Price: $99.00 Inc GST
Explore the world of coding with your very own robot friend, Cubetto – The Coding Robot This kit includes 4 Cubetto Robots, 4 Cubetto interface boards and 4 sets of basic instruction blocks, plus 1 of each of the Cubetto mats and educational resources. Hand held digital microscope with USB connection to PC or MAC
Easi Phones Easi-Listener Sense and Sound
Easi Phones
Our Price: $395.95 Inc GST
Sale Price: $374.95 Inc GST
Savings: $20.99
Our Price: $159.01 Inc GST
Sense and Sound
Our Price: $39.95 Inc GST
Six rechargeable walkie-talkies in rainbow colours with docking station. Styled like smart-phones for realistic ICT role play with a built in record function. Listening Station with CD Player, Radio, Jack for connecting MPS or smart phone and USB functionality too Raise attention and create impact by adding sound to your displays or role play areas with our recordable motion sensor.
Big Point Sound Shuffle Metal Detectors
Big Point
Our Price: $119.00 Inc GST
Sound Shuffle
Our Price: $49.95 Inc GST
Sale Price: $38.50 Inc GST
Savings: $11.45
Metal Detectors
Our Price: $259.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $251.90 Inc GST
Savings: $7.10
Ideal for speaking and listening activities, each Big Point records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.
Sound Shuffle can create multiple recordings up to a 4 minutes total time, and these will play back in the order recorded, or randomly - you choose !
This superb set of four rechargeable metal detectors, in four colours, comes complete with a docking station and wall charger.
Easi-Cars Recording Magnifiers Talking Alphabet Cards
Our Price: $449.00 Inc GST
Recording Magnifiers
Our Price: $163.90 Inc GST
Talking Alphabet Cards
Our Price: $199.00 Inc GST
The remote control Easi-cars come in four vibrant colours with corresponding handset controls, they have been designed to work together at the same time.
A set of 6 magnifying glasses, each with a recording function and dual lens magnification. Children can record their observations for a maximum of 30 seconds. Practise your alphabet and spell simple words with these new talking alphabet cards.