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Our Price: 199.99 Inc GST
Talking Alphabet Cards
Our Price: $218.90 Inc GST
Sale Price: 196.90 Inc GST
Savings: $22.00
SmartiPi Kit #2
Our Price: 44.00 Inc GST
The App controlled robot powered by adrenaline... Practise your alphabet and spell simple words with these new talking alphabet cards. The SmartiPi is a versatile Raspberry Pi B+ and Pi 2 Model B case and camera case with LEGO® and GoPro® mount compatibility.
RoboTami Creative pack
Big Point
Our Price: 119.00 Inc GST
RoboTAMI Creative Pack
Our Price: 199.00 Inc GST
Funky comfort and colour ! Ideal for speaking and listening activities, each Big Point records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.
Let your imagination and develop skills, knowledge and experience in robotics and programming through creating fully programmable, sensory and remote controlled intelligent robots through using the RoboTami Creative pack.
BYOD Charging Hub
ISIS BYOD Charging Hub
Our Price: 1,644.50 Inc GST
Makey Makey - Go - Class Kit
Our Price: 499.95 Inc GST
Hummingbird Duo Base Kit
Our Price: 279.00 Inc GST
The Isis mobile hub provides 6 external Au mains power sockets and 6 external USB power sockets, with intelligent power setting to correctly charge multiple USB devices. This class kit of Makey Makey Go comprises 12 sets of Makey Makey Go packs.
Hummingbird Duo base kit contains everything you need to build a fun robot with moving parts and lots of LED lights. Sensors in the base kit allow your robot to sense light levels or temperature
ISIS 1:1 Charging Lockers (Key)
Our Price: 1,428.90 Inc GST
1:1 Charging Lockers for 8 iPads / Tablets (code locks) Perfect ergonomics and great fun, you can ride your Lamu backwards or forwards so he / she becomes a seat or a reading perch.
Ozobot Evo is the only connected, smart robot of its kind.
Little bot. Big personality.
Hummingbird Duo Classroom Kit
Our Price: 1,395.00 Inc GST
Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Duo Pack
Our Price: 179.00 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Flex
Our Price: 50.60 Inc GST
A set of 4 Hummingbird controllers and many components, this kit also includes a printed teacher guide and a copy of the book Invent-To-Learn. Ozobot Bit 2.0 is the second generation, award-winning smart miniature robot that bridges digital and physical gaming