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Guide to Fun Classroom Technology Projects
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LEGO Cart - 8 Tray
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The App controlled robot powered by adrenaline... The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun features an assortment of clever classroom-tested maker projects for learners of all ages. Mobile LEGO carts combine storage with a surface at the perfect height for construction and play. This cart includes 8 trays purpose designed to hold LEGO kits... but that's not to stop you using it in other ways too; a bee-bot hive, pro-bot garage, art and craft station.
Makey Makey - Go - Class Kit
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Makey Makey - Deluxe Kit
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Arduino Uno Starter Kit
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This class kit of Makey Makey Go comprises 12 sets of Makey Makey Go packs.
The Makey Makey Deluxe Kit is ideal for those using SCRATCH Coding to make more complex invention Arduino Uno Starter Kit
Hummingbird Duo Classroom Kit
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Inspired by Google Cardboard V2, the GoggleBox VR Headset works with IOS and Android devices up to 6" A set of 4 Hummingbird controllers and many components, this kit also includes a printed teacher guide and a copy of the book Invent-To-Learn. The App controlled robot powered by adrenaline...
Talking Point - 10 Second - 6 pack
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Recording Bar
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Mini Boom Box Kit w/ student workbook
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Hand held device that helps improve speaking and listening skills - record and plays back 10 seconds of sound. Create talking stories, class timetables or questions and answer games on this recordable bar.

The Mini Boom Box STEM Kit comes complete with everything you need for students to design, 3d print, assemble and construct their very own Mini Boom Box.

littleBits Space Kit
littleBits Space Kit
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Ozobot Evo is the only connected, smart robot of its kind. Little bot. Big personality.

The littleBits Space Kit will enable anyone to build their own space investigations with little to no engineering knowledge. Included is a handy 30+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the ISS and Mars Rover. A unique digital Listening Station with wireless headphones, designed for primary schools and nurseries.