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School TV Recording Studio
Sphero SPRK+ Power Case Education 12 Pack
Our Price: $2,999.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: 2,737.90 Inc GST
Savings: $261.10
Our Price: 109.00 Inc GST
The SPRK+ Edition in SPRK+ Power Pack lets you charge, store, and carry SPRK+ robots by the dozen. Now Rechargeable! The award winning programmable floor robot.
Use the TV Studio to generate a real time 'live view' of projects (the 'monitor' screens that allow students see what they're doing and act within their productions) and record productions live to your PC or MAC.
The new da Vinci 1.0 AiO is the world’s No.1 all-in-one 3D printer that allows users to scan and print 3D objects from one machine without prior experience or/and 3D modeling knowledge. Focus on Bee-Bot 3 is a new cross-curricular interactive program based on the popular Bee-Bot programmable floor robot. Now with over 20 mats... including the Bee-bot Australia Mat. Inspired by Google Cardboard V2, the GoggleBox VR Headset works with IOS and Android devices up to 6"
Big Point
Our Price: 119.00 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Mount
Our Price: 40.70 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Flex
Our Price: 50.60 Inc GST
Ideal for speaking and listening activities, each Big Point records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.

Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Titanium Black
Our Price: 99.00 Inc GST
EdMat- Edison activity mat
Our Price: 31.90 Inc GST
Our Price: 199.99 Inc GST
Ozobot Bit 2.0 is the second generation,  award-winning smart miniature robot that bridges digital and physical gaming
Meet Edison

EdMat robotics activity mat

The App controlled robot powered by adrenaline...
littleBits Space Kit
Makey Makey - Go
Our Price: $49.98 Inc GST
Sale Price: 39.99 Inc GST
Savings: $9.99
P2V Document camera
Our Price: 130.90 Inc GST
littleBits Space Kit
Our Price: 284.90 Inc GST
Small enough to fit in your pocket,
Makey Makey GO promises to inspire even more STEM projects.
The Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera provides real-time video capture for documents, pictures, and three-dimensional objects. The littleBits Space Kit will enable anyone to build their own space investigations with little to no engineering knowledge. Included is a handy 30+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the ISS and Mars Rover.