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Parrot Be-bop Drone
Our Price: 768.90 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Mount
Our Price: 40.70 Inc GST

Includes 3 x sets of Ozobot Colour Markers
Ozobot Bit 2.0 is the second generation, award-winning smart miniature robot that bridges digital and physical gaming
RoboTami Creative pack
RoboTAMI Creative Pack
Our Price: 199.00 Inc GST
iStabilizer - Tab Flex
Our Price: 50.60 Inc GST
Sit / Stand Teacher Table
Our Price: 764.50 Inc GST
Let your imagination and develop skills, knowledge and experience in robotics and programming through creating fully programmable, sensory and remote controlled intelligent robots through using the RoboTami Creative pack.

Height-adjustable, moveable table enables teaching from anywhere in the room using wireless keyboard and mouse.
iHealth Activity Monitor
Our Price: 109.95 Inc GST
Wearable Tech - Group Pack
Our Price: 16.50 Inc GST
Da Vinci 2.0A Duo features two extruders allowing you to create multi-color projects using the 13 filament colors available in easy-to-install cartridges. Hundreds of 3D models available. Share, create, and print online with the XYZWorld community. The iHealth Activity and Sleep Tracker tracks every step you take, distance travelled, calories burned, and sleep efficiency. Suitable for 6 students this kit provides things you need to create simple electronic projects like wearable tech, greetings cards, model planes and flying saucers, all with light up parts.
Our Price: 249.99 Inc GST
P2V Document camera
Our Price: 130.90 Inc GST
Recording Bar
Our Price: 64.90 Inc GST
Bringing a new part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens into your school, BB-8 is the app-enabled Droid whose authentic movements are at your control with iPhone or iPad. The Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera provides real-time video capture for documents, pictures, and three-dimensional objects. Create talking stories, class timetables or questions and answer games on this recordable bar.
Makey Makey - Original Kit
Our Price: 69.99 Inc GST
Outdoor Big Point 6 pack
Our Price: 189.00 Inc GST
MaKey MaKey is a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. These remarkable units are great for speaking and listening, and with a 30 second recording time, they are ideal for use in all weathers. Funky comfort and colour !