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ETS-TV-ICAM   "Live View" iPad Camera Conversion Kit
ETS-TV-IMEDIA   "Live View" iPad Media Player Conversion Kit
130127   180mm Linear Guide - UP Plus 2
ETS-HDMI-1m   1m HDMI Cable
ETS-RJ45-1M   1m RJ45 Ethernet Cable
CS-PEN-KS-1ML-1X-RETAIL   1x Conductive Pen
3DPSTool Kit   3D Printer Toolkit with various tools
3DPSTool Kit-bundle   3D Printer Toolkit with various tools + bundle deal
EL00039   4 Button Recording Card A4
120001   40mm Fan
ETS-4D   4D Interactive Projector Stand
CS-PEN-KS-1ML-5X-RETAIL   5 x Conductive Pen
SD001   50 Sparkling Ideas Book
ETS-TV-60   60" TV
PF-ABS-Blue Glow   ABS Filament Blue Glow (500g)
PF-ABS1KG-BLUE GLOW   ABS Filament Blue Glow - 1kg
PF-ABS-Crystal   ABS Filament Crystal (500g) (dry in oven for 2 hours 80c)
PF-ABS1KG-CRYSTAL   ABS Filament Crystal - 1kg
PF-ABS-Fluro Chameleon   ABS Heat Change Filament Green to Yellow at tempreture and glows at night (500g)
PF-ABS-Hot Chameleon   ABS Heat Change Filament Purple to Pink at tempreture (500g)
PF-ABS-Sunburnt Chameleon   ABS Light Change Filament White to Purple under UV (500g)
C-21-01-White   ABS UP Original - Carton of 2X500g rolls
C-31 pack of 5 rolls   ABS UP Original Bundle - 5 Cartons of 1X1Kg rolls
C-21 pack of 10 rolls   ABS UP Original Bundle - 5 Cartons of 2X500g rolls
PF-ABS-White   ABS Value Filament - 500g
C-23 pack of 10 rolls   ABS+ UP Premium Bundle - 5 Cartons of 2X500g rolls
C-23-01-White   ABS+ UP Premium Carton of 2X500g rolls
ETS-MAKEY-ACP   Alligator Clips Pack
PG-Nylon910   Alloy 910 1.75mm 450g
PLA500g-Aluminium   Aluminium-like PLA
ETS-ARD-2   Arduino - A/C Power Supply
ETS-ARD-3   Arduino - Battery Pack
ETS-ARD-5   Arduino - Display Module - 1.7" TFT Screen
ETS-ARD-8   Arduino - Ethernet POE Sheild (connector with POE)
ETS-ARD-9   Arduino - Making Things Talk, Ed.2
ETS-ARD-10   Arduino - Programming with Sketches Book
ETS-ARD-4   Arduino - Project Enclosure
ETS-ARD-6   Arduino Beginners Parts Kit
ETS-ARD-7   Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3 with PoE
ETS-ARD-LE   Arduino Leonardo
ETS-ARD-MI   Arduino Mini
ETS-ARD-UN   Arduino Uno
ETS-ARD-START   Arduino Uno Starter Kit
EL00072   Attention Tracker
Pkit-suite   Auto Calibration Kit
SC00820   Auto Focus Microscope
ETS-VP-BGC   Background clips (2 pack)
ETS-VP-BSTAND   Background Stand 2m x 3m
Bal-bot1   Balance-bot - Build a Self ballancing Ardrunio robot controlled via your phone or tablet
ETS-MS-BAT-AAA-10   Battery - AAA - 10 Pack
ETS-BB8   BB-8
R001SRW   BB-8 Battle-Worn with Force Band
AFB01ROW   BB-8 Force Band
ITSBOT   Bee-bot
ETS-PROM-4   Bee-bot - Small Bundle
MA02510   Bee-bot Activity Cards
ETS-PROM-BBVB   Bee-bot and Resources Value Bundle
BB-T-8   Bee-bot Book - Lessons (from Terrapin USA)
ITSBOOK   Bee-bot Book - Lets Go Lesson Idea's
BB-T-7   Bee-bot Book - Problem Solving (from Terrapin USA)
IT00258   Bee-bot Carry Case
EL00358   Bee-bot Charging Dock
ITSCARD   Bee-bot Giant Sequence Cards
EL00024   Bee-bot Kit - Electro Mat
ITSMAT3   Bee-bot Mat - Alphabet
ITAUS-TEM   Bee-bot Mat - Australia Map
ITMONEY   Bee-bot Mat - Australian Currency
ITSTREET   Bee-bot Mat - Busy Street
BB-T-2   Bee-bot Mat - Cards
BB-T-3   Bee-bot Mat - CVC
ITSFAIRY   Bee-bot Mat - Fairytales
IBFARM   Bee-bot Mat - Farmyard
FWALKN   Bee-bot Mat - Number Line
BB-T-5   Bee-bot Mat - Race Track
BB-T-6   Bee-bot Mat - School Mat
ITSMAT4   Bee-bot Mat - Shape, Colour & Size
ITSGRID   Bee-bot Mat - Transparent Grid
IT00090   Bee-bot Mat - Transparent Pocket
ITSMAT1   Bee-bot Mat - Treasure Island
BB-T-4   Bee-bot Mat - Wild West
ITSBBS   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 1 - Single User
ITSBBS-S   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 1 - Site License
ITSBBS2   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 2 - Single User
ITSBBS2-SL   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 2 - Site License
ITSBBS3-SU   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 3 - Single User
ITSBBS3-SL   Bee-bot Software - Lesson Activities 3 - Site License
EL00396   Bee-bot Swarm
ITRAIL   Bee-bot Trailer
EL00100   Big Point
IGRILL   Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer
Bookworm   Book Worm
ETS-BRP   Brick Pi - Board Only
ETS-BRP-CLASS   Brick Pi - Classroom Kit
ETS-BRP-KIT   Brick Pi - Starter Kit
HEAD-PH   Budget Headphones
ETS-BBK30   Buzzbot - Class Kit
ETS-BBK6   Buzzbot - Group Kit
ETS-BBK1   Buzzbot - Single Kit
ETS-CBRX15   Cabrionix 15 Port USB Charge and Sync Device
ETS-VP-TRI   Camera Tripod
18029   CentrifugalFan for HEPA filter - 3pin - UP BOX
PS00479   Character Stengths Circle Time Activity Box
PS00537   Character Strengths A5 Cards
RE00345   Character Strengths and RE Figures
PS00511   Character Strengths Assemblies Book
PS00402   Character Strengths Book
PS00478   Character Strengths Certificates
PS00527   Character Strengths Circle Signs
PS00404   Character Strengths Giant Cards
PS00512   Character Strengths Height Chart
PS00401   Character Strengths Ideas Box
PS00509   Character Strengths Phrase Stickers
PS00403   Character Strengths Playground Sign
PS00526   Character Strengths Pocket Dice Set
PS00484   Character Strengths Post Cards
PS00399   Character Strengths Stickers
PS00528   Character Strengths Talk Ball
EL00068   Chatter Block
EL00033   Chatterbox 10
ETTMOD   Chatterbox 30
IP-Chopstakes-L   Chopstakes Large
IP-Chopstakes-S   Chopstakes Small
ETS-TV-PRO   Chroma Key Pro Kit
CS-KIT-BASIC   Circuit Scribe Basic Kit
CS-KIT-CLASS   Circuit Scribe Classroom Kit
CS-KIT-LITE   Circuit Scribe Lite Kit
CS-KIT-MAKER   Circuit Scribe Maker Kit
CS-KIT-ULT   Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit
CT-KIT-CLASS30-BULK-V2   Circuit Stickers Classroom Pack - Multi Colour
CT-KIT-CLASS30-BULK-V1   Circuit Stickers Classroom Pack - White
CT-FX-PROG-RETAIL-V1   Circuit Stickers Effects Pack
CT-KIT-INTRO1.EN-RETAIL-V1   Circuit Stickers Intro Pack
CT-LED-RYB-MEGA-V1   Circuit Stickers Red, Yellow, and Blue MegaPack
CT-KIT-STEM1.EN-RETAIL-V1-   Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit
CT-LED-WHT-MEGA-V1   Circuit Stickers White LEDs MegaPack
ETS-TV-CLAP   Clapperboard
ETS-TTS-CC   ClassCast - Audio Broadcasting System Headphones
PS00386   Clever Candles
ETS-L-CLV   Clover
ETS-OZO-CSC   Code Stickers - Class Pack
820103643870   Code Stickers - Make You Own Pack
820103643856   Code Stickers - Speed + Directions Pack
820103643849   Code Stickers - Starter Pack
820103643863   Code Stickers - Timers + Moves + Ends Pack
ETS-MS-WT-1   Coin Cell Battery
ETS-MS-WT-2   Coin Cell Battery Holder - Basic
ETS-MS-WT-3   Coin Cell Battery Holder - Sewable
CM-W5010   COMPUTER BUILDER - Single User Version
CM-W5075   COMPUTER BUILDER - Site Licence
ETS-MAKE-3   Conductive Ink Pen
ETS-MS-WT-CT25   Conductive Tape 25mm
ETS-MS-WT-4   Conductive Tape 6mm
ETS-EL-CT   Conductive Thread - Large
ETS-EL-CT-SML   Conductive Thread - Small
ETS-MAKE-2   Conductive Varnish
ETS-SP-4   Conference Special Easi Ears MP3 Headphones
CT-CUTP-4MMx5M-RETAIL-V1   Copper Tape - Chibitronics
PLA500g-Copper   Copper-like PLA
PRIMO001B-EN   Cubetto – The Coding Robot
ETS-DVVP   Da Vinci Filament Value Pack
ETS-DARK   Darkside
ETS-SERVICE   Delivery and Set-up of Equipment
21009   Derby Dash Kit w/ student workbook
I-DMS   Desk Mounting / Stand for iPad and Tablets
COMPMICRO   Digital Blue Computer Microscope - SALE ITEM!
EY04195   Easi Phones
EY04198   Easi-Cars
EL00295   Easi-Ears
EL00381   Easi-listener
EL00378   Easi-MIC
EL00132   Easi-Scope 2 - Digital Microscope
EL00015   Easi-Scope Digital Microscope
ETTMICB   Easi-Speak (Black)
ETTMICY   Easi-Speak (Yellow)
EL00281   Easi-Speak Docking Station
IT00306   Easi-Speak Microphone Stand
EL00059   Easi-Speak Pro
IT00491   Easi-speak Pro School Kit
IT00490   Easi-speak School Kit
EL00113   Easi-Speak Sound Station
ETTMHUB   Easi-Speak USB Charging Hub
EL00101   Easi-Torches
EL00460   Easi-view 2
EL00454   Easi-view Pro
EL00131   Easi-Walker Pedometers
ETS-ET-SLL   Easiteach - Large Site License for schools with more than 351 Students Enrolled
ETS-ET-MSL   Easiteach - Medium Site License for schools with between 151 & 350 Students Enrolled
ETS-ET-SUL   Easiteach - Single User License
ETS-ET-SSL   Easiteach - Small Site License for schools with less than 150 Students Enrolled
ETS-EDISON-Value   Edison Robot Class Value Bundle
ETS-EDISON   Edison Robot v2.0
ETS-EDISON-2PK   Edison Robot v2.0 - 2 Pack
ETS-EDISON-10PK   Edison Robot v2.0 - 10 Pack
ETS-EDMAT-C   EdMat- Edison Activity Mat
ETS-VRC   Edtechs VR Head Set (inspired by Google Cardboard)
ETS-MSB-10   Education Outrage
EinSP-Markers   EinScan-Pro 5000 marker dot stickers
EinSP-RR   EinScan-Pro Rapid Registration Software add-on
EinSP+   EinScan-Pro+ Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner
EinSP-TP   EinScan-Pro+ with Colour Texture Pack

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