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ROLI Touch Block ROLI Touch Block

Touch Block helps you adjust the expressive behavior of your Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block.

Our Price: $143.96 (158.36 inc GST)
ROLI Live Block ROLI Live Block

Live Block helps you perform faster. Switch scales and octaves, trigger chords and arpeggios, and sustain notes by clicking its control buttons.

Our Price: $143.96 (158.36 inc GST)
ROLI Loop Block ROLI Loop Block

Loop Block helps you produce a track faster. Record loops and play them back.

Our Price: $143.96 (158.36 inc GST)
ROLI Lightpad Block M ROLI Lightpad Block M

Make music on a smooth, illuminated surface that fits in the palm of your hand. Play beats. Shape melodies.

Our Price: $314.96 (346.46 inc GST)
ROLI Beatmaker Kit ROLI Beatmaker Kit

Beatmaker Kit gives you everything you need to take your beats to the next level, whether you’re making your first track or honing your technique.

Our Price: $404.96 (445.46 inc GST)
ROLI Seaboard Block ROLI Seaboard Block

Create astonishingly expressive music on a portable, super-powered keyboard.

Our Price: $467.96 (514.76 inc GST)