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Makey Makey Classic Makey Makey Classic

MaKey MaKey is a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between.

Our Price: $62.73 (69.00 inc GST)

Zioxi Lamu Zioxi Lamu

Perfect ergonomics and great fun, you can ride your Lamu backwards or forwards so he / she becomes a seat or a reading perch.

Easi-Torches Easi-Torches

This set of 6 ultra bright LED torches are great for exploring light and shadows without the worry of replacing batteries or having a dim light.

Our Price: $135.45 (149.00 inc GST)
Recording Magnifiers Recording Magnifiers

A set of 6 magnifying glasses, each with a recording function and dual lens magnification. Children can record their observations for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Our Price: $149.00 (163.90 inc GST)
Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot Blue-Bot Bluetooth Programmable Floor Robot

The new and improved Blue-Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, and you can wirelessly control it.

Our Price: $208.18 (229.00 inc GST)

Pro-Bot Rechargeable Pro-Bot Rechargeable

A floor robot with in built sensors to teach kids programming.

Our Price: $217.27 (239.00 inc GST)
Rechargeable Stopwatches Rechargeable Stopwatches

A pack of 12 brightly coloured rechargeable stopwatches and Charge station.

Our Price: $226.36 (249.00 inc GST)

Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars

The remote control Easi-cars come in four vibrant colours with corresponding handset controls, they have been designed to work together at the same time.

Our Price: $408.18 (449.00 inc GST)
Green Screen Starter Kit Green Screen Starter Kit

A green screen kit is ideal for school use. The kit includes green muslin background, back ground stand and 4 soft box studio lights, the main essentials needed to get started with getting great results in your green screen video and photography projects.

Our Price: $599.00 (658.90 inc GST)