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Mobile multi-camera live streaming made easy

YoloBox is as powerful as it is simple. A mobile, professional-quality all-in-one multi-camera live-streaming encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder.

Simply attach and live switch up to six video sources, connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mobile broadband, and stream to as many as three platforms simultaneously. Record to SD card or output to a dedicated recording device via HDMI. 

YoloBox is a revolution in video streaming technology that enables you to tell your story live online. Use it for events, meetings and webinars in business, government, education, sport and more.

3 Simple Steps

YoloBox helps you start live broadcasting events with unprecedented scale and effectiveness

Connect to the internet via Ethernet/WiFi/4G, sign up your YoloLiv account, then plug your camera into YoloBox, you are way to go.

YoloBox can acquire video from numerous sources including cameras, GoPro, drone, local library, etc.

Boost your viewership in cross-channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any other RTMP(s) supported websites.


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