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Osmo Teacher's Guide - Australia (2020)

Osmo Teacher's Guide - Australia (2020)

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Good news for Australian Teachers! The Osmo Teacher Guide has now been localised for the Australian classroom.

This spiral-bound 175-page educational resource is the perfect accompaniment for teachers using Genius Kit favourites: Words, Tangram, Newton, Masterpiece and Numbers.

In addition, there are also activities on Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo. The book includes handy journal notes that can be reproduced for students to reflect and complete.

What's included:

  • Tips on Getting started
  • Content Descriptors for Activities aligned to Australian and NSW Standards¬†
  • Grades Pre-K / 1st Curriculum Activities: STEM (x6) Phonics (x5) Reading (x3) Handwriting (x1)
  • Grades 2nd/ 3rd Curriculum Activities: STEM (x7), Spelling (x6), Reading (x3) Cursive (x1)
  • Grades 4th/ 5th/ 6th Curriculum Activities: STEM (x5) Vocabulary (x)2, Geography (x4), Music (x3)
  • All Ages Curriculum Activities: First Day of School (x3), Art (x2), Languages (x1), Cooking (x2)
  • All Ages Coding Curriculum Activities: Coding Awbie (x11), Coding Jam (x8), Coding Duo (x6)
  • All Ages Coding Journal Notes: Journal Notes for each Coding game for teachers to photocopy and provide to students to complete

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