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Edtechs Mount Panorama Robot Raceway

Edtechs Mount Panorama Robot Raceway

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Our Mount Panorama Robot Raceway provides you a track for racing robot challenges !

For use with light sensing and line drawing robots...

Challenge students to design, build and / or code racing robots for line tracing the Mount Panorama Speedway. Suitable for use with TTS Pro-bot, Lego Mindstorms, Lego EV3, Zumo Robot, Arduino controlled Robots, RoboTami, Robotron Pro Series and many more.

Challenge students to programe pro-bot to follow the Mount Panorama Raceway accurately, then test using Pro-bot's pen holder and a dry erase marker. Penalties for miscalculating the corners or taking short cuts !

The Mount Panorama Robot Raceway is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Size 120cm x 90cm.

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