3Doodler Pencil Case Accessories Kit

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3Doodler Pencil Case Accessories Kit - What is the best way to fuel your creative energy? The Accessories Pack may be the perfect 3Doodler addition to your collection, now with a stylish pencil case that can hold all of your 3Doodler Start bits and pieces in one place. For the avid Doodler who wants to have all the best 3Doodler tools essential to create beautiful designs, the Accessories Pack is a perfect complement or add-on for any kid who already has a 3Doodler Start Pen! Each kit contains: Each set includes 3Doodler Start DoodlePad, 2 packs (48 strands) of Plastic in 8 colors, and 2 multi-shape DoodleBlocks packed into a high quality reusable pencil case that you can use to store and hold all your 3Doodler Start collection. THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A 3DOODLER START PEN.

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