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BlueLounge CableDrop XL2

BlueLounge CableDrop XL2

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CableDrop’s unique design makes cable management fun and can also be used as a general purpose clip in a multitude of creative ways.

The CableDrop XL2 is a mega version of the ever-popular CableDrop. The CableDrop XL2 comes with screws to secure your bulky cords to the wall, baseboards or wherever else you see fit. These heavy duty drops are sturdy enough to anchor down large cords, while still offering the ease and efficiency of the traditional CableDrop.

CableDrop XL is ideal for garages, offices, and other spaces where a more permanent cable mounting solution is needed.  

  • Strong anchor for heavy-duty cords
  • Option to either screw into a flat surface or simply peel and stick
  • Offers a more permanent cable mounting solution
  • Screw holes are hidden
  • Dimensions: 34 x 50 x 17 mm
  • Pack includes 2 x CableDrop XL2, drywall anchors and screws for mounting

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