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Codebug Class Pack

Codebug Class Pack

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This is a class pack of Codebug and Codebug accessories.

CodeBug™ is a fun, engaging, entry level introduction to simple programming and electronic concepts to anyone, at any age. It is easy to program using the online interface, which features colourful drag and drop blocks, an in-browser emulator and engaging community features. It enables you to create your own games, clothes, robots or whatever other inventions you have in mind. • Plugs onto Raspberry Pi GPIO as an add-on • Starting point for Internet of Things devices • Versatile I/O interface to connect lights, switches, sensors, motors and more • 5x5 Red LED grid with 2 user buttons • 6 Touch sensitive I/O pads (4 I/O, power and ground) • Drag and drop programming from web browser • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible • Micro USB connector for programming and power • Expansion port for I2C, SPI and UART • Online project storage and sharing.

The pack includes;

12x CodeBug
12x CodeBug Black Cases
2x CodeBug STAR
2x CodeBug GlowBugs
12x Alligator Clips 5 pack

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