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Makeblock Dragon Knight Kit

Makeblock Dragon Knight Kit

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The Dragon Knight Kit contains at least 50 mechanical parts and electronic components. It is modeled after the Dragon Knights in Star Wars. In total, 8 smart servos are shared to do a series of actions that can be performed using the handle controller, and different modes such as obstacle avoidance mode, remote control mode can be selected.

Working voltage: 6v~12v
Control mode: Manual or Automatic control
Programming: Compatible with Arduino Programming and mBlock Graphical Programming
Power supply: 6 x AA batteries
Material: The main structural material is made of high-strength 2mm aerospace aluminum sheet stamping. Combined with CNC precision machining, the structure is firm and tightly coupled. The high temperature resistance reaches 500 degrees Celsius. Tensile strength greater than 250MPa; endurance greater than 172MPa; elongation less than 1.7%; and hardness greater than 70HB;

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