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Q-BA-MAZE is a unique system of colorful cubes that interlock to form a marble run. The big difference? You can create marble maze sculptures in any form such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes. Configurations are unlimited, allowing for unpredictable action when the steel marbles travel different routes. Follow the plans provided in each set, get inspired by our plans section below, or create your own!

Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: SUPER RACE SET - Get your building off to the races! The new Q-BA-MAZE super Race Set has colored marbles speeding through any racecourse your builders dream up. Includes a specially designed Turbo Launcher to provide a randomized start. A simple twist sends the marbles into the funnel and through the maze where double exit cubes send marbles down different paths. A Marble Vortex scrambles them again until they claim their order in the Finish Line Loop. Featuring neon racing colors, this updated twist on the classic Q-Ba-Maze STEAM activity is great for competition among multiple players or for solo play. Can you guess which marble will win the race?

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