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RodeCaster Pro
RodeCaster Pro
RodeCaster Pro
RodeCaster Pro

RodeCaster Pro

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The RODE RodeCaster Pro is a revolutionary all-in-one studio production console. Bringing a new level of simplicity and professionalism to your podcast productions. So whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned broadcast professional; the RodeCaster PRO Podcast Production Console is all you’ll need. Offering a unique set of features that are designed specifically for podcasting.


  • 4 x XLR microphone inputs
  • 8 programmable sound pads for jingles and FX
  • Instant mix-minus for phone or app calls
  • TRRS cable, USB and Bluetooth™ connectivity
  • APHEX® processing and Class A circuitry for professional voice warmth and tone
  • Record easily onto a microSD card or your preferred computer software

Connect and record
Equipped with 4, high-quality microphone channels; the RodeCaster Pro is able to power both studio condenser microphones and conventional dynamic microphones. Allowing you to quickly connect microphones for you and your guests, while enjoying automatic level settings and one-touch microSD card recording. So you can start recording your first podcast straight out of the box!

Sound Effects and Jingles
Aditionally, the RodeCaster Pro comes equipped with eight programmable sound effect pads. Allowing you to instantly trigger custom sound effects, music, jingles, and ads – perfect for adding that professional quality to your podcast. Either record audio directly to the programmable pads from any input, or simply “drag and drop” the files from your computer using the RodeCaster Pro software. Even select your favourite colours from the pad illumination.

Phone calls
What’s more, the RodeCaster Pro is packed with phone call functionality. If you’re interviewing a remote guest, simply connect your phone to the RODECaster Pro via Bluetooth or TRRS. Automatically providing mix-minus audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller without needing expensive hardware. As a result, you get professional telephone interviews that have never sounded so good!
Sound like a million dollars

Class A Servo-biased Preamps
The RodeCaster Pro’s pristine preamps feature Class A circuitry. Offering the same technology featured on broadcast equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Providing a much cleaner gain structure with lower levels of distortion; resulting in an incredibly clean, low-noise signal. The Preamps are also servo-biased, keeping distortion levels low. Your signal is broadcast-pure.

APHEX® On board
Your pristine signal can also be enhanced with the legendary patented audio processors, APHEX Aural Exciter™ and APHEX Big Bottom™. These have been incorporated in the audio processing section of the RodeCaster Pro, and your sound will have that rich, warm tone only found in professional studios. The RodeCaster Pro also features multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

Recording options
Operating as a standalone controller straight out of the box, you can be up and running in minutes with the RodeCaster Pro. Either record directly to a microSD card or connect to your computer via USB, as a USB Audio Interface. Recording to your favourite software or the RODE software included.

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