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SparkFun Educator Lab Pack for micro:bit v2

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The micro:bit v2 Educator\'s Lab Pack includes 10 micro:bit v2 boards and everything you need to get you started with the new learning platform. The Lab Pack has everything you need, including micro:bits, cables, battery packs and a few parts to experiment with. This package provides an easy way to introduce your students to the micro:bit without any difficulty or parts hunting.

SparkFun packages everything educators need to get started with the micro:bit in a variety of classroom settings and learning environments. The hardware boards, cables and extra parts come pre-packaged. Examples and curriculum materials are available from SparkFun and micro:bit, as well as from other educators involved in this growing maker education movement.

Lab Packs are your classroom entry point. By combining our kits, popular boards and other educational tools with support materials (to be updated), SparkFun brings all the power of the open source community to the classroom. We\'ve also updated the battery pack to be closer to what is in other micro:bit kits. It now requires 2xAAA batteries.


*The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Between the micro:bit and our shield-like bit boards you can do almost anything while coding, customizing and controlling your micro:bit from almost anywhere! You can use your micro:bit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. At half the size of a credit card, this versatile board has vast potential!*



* 10x [micro:bit v2 Board](
* 10x [Small Servo](
* 10x [Mini Speaker](
* 10x [micro:bit Battery Holder --- 2xAAA](
* 10x [USB Micro-B Cable --- 6 Foot](
* 10x [Alligator Test Leads (10 Pack)](
* 10x [Jumper Wires Standard 7in. M/M --- 30 AWG (30 Pack)](
* **NOTE** AAA Batteries are NOT included


Micro:bit 2.0:

* 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
* 512KB Flash
* 128KB RAM
* 5x5 Red LED Array
* Two Programmable Buttons, one touch sensitive logo
* MEMS microphone and LED indicator
* Onboard Light, Compass, Accelerometer, Temp Sensors and Speaker
* 2.4 Ghz Micro:bit Radio/BLE 5.0 Smart Antenna
* 25-pin Edge Connector
* 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, i2c, SPI, and ext. power
* Three Digital/Analog Input/Output Rings
* Two Power Rings --- 3V and GND
* Dedcated I2C bus for peripherals
* MicroUSB Connector (5V)
* JST-PH Battery Connector (*Not* JST-XH) (3V)
* Power/reset Button with Status LED
* 200 mA available for accessories
* Program with C++, MakeCode, Python, Scratch


* [micro:bit Getting Started Guide](
* [micro:bit Educator Lab Pack Experiment Guide](
* [micro:bit Getting Started Videos](
* [SparkFun micro:bit Page](
* [About micro:bit](
* [micro:bit Hardware](
* [micro:bit Apps](

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