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Sphero Computer Science Foundations - Course 2
Sphero Computer Science Foundations - Course 2
Sphero Computer Science Foundations - Course 2

Sphero Computer Science Foundations - Course 2

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Computer Science Foundations (CSF) by Sphero is a supplemental, standards-aligned curriculum designed to be taught in the classroom with Sphero robots. CSF features three courses, each with their own spiral-bound Educator Guide. Using CSF, teachers and students will explore STEAM principles through creative coding.

CSF features student-facing instructions and pre-loaded blocks for every activity. Teachers can access every lesson in the Sphero Edu app by scanning the QR code or by navigating to the CS Foundations tab under Activities in the app. Teachers can then assign individual lessons to each student's workbook. Many lessons have pre-loaded blocks so students can start coding right away.

Course 2 features three themes, each theme comprising eight lessons. By the end of Course 2, students will demonstrate a mastery of block programming by manipulating sensors, loops, conditionals, variables, and functions.

Course 2 Content:

Empathy - With their robots and Block programming skills, students will learn to communicate clearly with their partners, offer praise and encouragement, and grow their classroom community.

Story Telling - In this series of Block lessons, students will use their Sphero robots to represent the elements of a story, develop dialogue, retell historical events, and even overcome writer's block.

Game Design - Bring out your inner gamer through a series of lessons designed to develop your Block programming skills‚ play Bingo, search for hidden treasure and build your own set of dice.

By the end of Course 2 students will be able to:

  • Use a series of nested controls‚ including loops & conditionals‚ to create more complex programs.
  • Be able to use basic comparators & operators in their conditionals.
  • Use functions as mini programs to perform a specific task within their larger program.
  • Use and manipulate all Sphero sensors to meet appropriate purposes in their programs.
  • Explain how variables are used in a program.
  • Explain how Blocks equate to JavaScript code and manipulate specific sections of JS code.

What's included:

  • A spiral-bound Course Educator Guide book containing 24 lessons
  • A 1 year license to access all digital student-facing materials and content within the Sphero Edu app

ACARA and NSW Curriculum
Curriculum links for ACARA and NSW are available here.

CS Foundation Course 2 Sample Activities
Click here for CS Foundation Course 2¬†sample activities.

CS Foundation Course 2 Sample Pages


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