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Twelve South BackPack 3

Twelve South BackPack 3

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BackPack is a sleek, sturdy shelf designed exclusively for your iMac or Apple Display. It is the perfect place to park portable hard drives or other USB peripheral you want to hide, but need easy access to every now and then. Set your USB hub on the shelf and tie your cables to it for a super tidy workspace.

BackPack is also a handy home to stash your iPhone or other devices while charging and syncing. Half the fun of owning a BackPack is being creative with what you display or store on it.

It includes four vertical support pegs that can be arranged in different formations to accommodate a wide range of vertical devices, you can even store a MacBook or hold any other device that weighs up to 1.6 kg.

BackPack hangs on the back or front of the L-shaped desk stand on iMacs and Apple Displays, using gravity and two simple, adjustable clips. Because the BackPack uses gravity to stay in place, it will not leave any scratches or marks on your machine.

BackPack is here to help you create the minimalist zen-like workspace your Mac was made for.

  • Thin steel shelf to hang on the back of iMac devices
  • Perfect to store accessories such as USB peripherals, display business card or even store other devices and hard drives
  • Modern minimal aluminium design complements the iMac
  • Includes four vertical support pegs

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