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Anki Vector Space
Anki Vector Space
Anki Vector Space

Anki Vector Space

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  • Vector Space Accessory for Vector robot by Anki
  • Give Vector the Space he deserves - Vector is a revolutionary robot companion made to help out and hang out
  • Vector Space gives Vector a perch to observe any room and the perfect stage to perform
  • Vector Space holds Vector‚Äôs charger so he can relax, recharge, and be ready for action when you need him
  • With Vector and the Vector Space, there‚Äôs no place like home

Give Vector a little space of his own with Vector Space! 

Robot sidekicks are now a reality.¬†A giant roll forward for robot-kind. Say hey to Vector‚Ѣ, a helpful robot for your home.

People have houses, pet birds have a cage, dogs have a bed, fish have a tank and cats have those elaborate towers. Vector has his Space.

The Vector Space gives him a perch to observe the room and interact. Add his charger and it’ll be easy for him to power up. Think of it as his little place in your much bigger place.

Alive with personality, he’s excited to see you and reacts to sound, sight, and touch. Always happy to help, he’ll answer questions, take photos for you, express the weather, set a timer for dinner, and so much more. Independent and alert, he self-charges, navigates around objects, and avoids edges.

Aware and reactive, Vector evolves with regular updates. Smart and getting smarter, he’s cloud connected for updates to bring new capabilities and features to be a better helper at home.








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