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Here you will find a range of Educational Games and Technology which aim to provide learning through play. All are fun and some are suitable for all ages and abilities !
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Clever Cats 4 Pack with Charging Dock Clever Cats 4 Pack with Charging Dock

The Clever Cats are the perfect introduction to stage one remote control and technology.

Our Price: $362.73 (399.00 inc GST)
Rugged Racers Rugged Racers

Brightly coloured with corresponding remote controls, Rugged Racers are designed to withstand the most rugged of journeys with new and improved durability.

Our Price: $177.27 (195.00 inc GST)
Piper Computer Kit 2 (2019 Edition) Piper Computer Kit 2 (2019 Edition)

The new 2019 Edition includes a larger screen and inbuilt (once you build it!) speaker, and ships with the latest Piper Software

Our Price: $362.73 (399.00 inc GST)

Merge Holographic Cube Merge Holographic Cube

Learn, play, and create in augmented reality by holding and interacting with virtual objects.

Our Price: $25.41 (27.95 inc GST)
Piper Computer Kit 1 Piper Computer Kit 1

Piper is a laptop computer kit that kids assemble themselves, then use the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft Story and learn physical engineering and electronics.

Our Price: $226.36 (249.00 inc GST)

Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars

The remote control Easi-cars come in four vibrant colours with corresponding handset controls, they have been designed to work together at the same time.

Our Price: $408.18 (449.00 inc GST)
Scratch Coding Cards Scratch Coding Cards

With the Scratch Coding Cards, kids learn to code as they create interactive games, stories, music, and animations.

Our Price: $40.91 (45.00 inc GST)
Rechargeable Stopwatches Rechargeable Stopwatches

A pack of 12 brightly coloured rechargeable stopwatches and Charge station.

Our Price: $226.36 (249.00 inc GST)

Large Dark Den Large Dark Den

This versatile giant version of the dark den is able to fit a group of children or accommodate those who need a little more space.

Our Price: $235.45 (259.00 inc GST)

Clever Candles Clever Candles

Clever Candles™ are the perfect alternative to real candles for schools. These unique rechargeable candles respond to being blown on and off!

Our Price: $90.00 (99.00 inc GST)