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Whybricks Classroom Kit

Whybricks Classroom Kit

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Introducing Whybricks, an engaging hands-on whole class approach to teaching construction, engineering, robotics and other physical sciences.

Including a construction parts kit, containing 2100 interlocking building blocks, beams, pegs, gears and other parts, along with lesson plans to work seamlessly as a complete STEM teaching resource.

With Whybricks, educators can tap into students’ innate curiosity and explore physical science in meaningful ways. Whybricks helps make learning fun and relevant, with meaningful hands on STEM extensions.

The individual Whybricks pieces are designed with studs and holes which are compatible with any LEGO brick compatible building system, which means you can integrate with Lego Robotics such as EV3 and Mindstorms, Hummingbird Bit and Duo Robotics projects, Edison Robot and more.

What are the benefits of using Whybricks?

  • Whybricks comes complete with teacher’s guides plus student materials written at grade-appropriate reading levels.
  • Whybricks engaging activities are aligned to the physical science curriculum – late primary, middle school, and early high school years.
  • Whybricks has flexible classroom management options for 10 students working independently.
  • Whybricks is priced for educational spaces to make one kit for each student possible. The Whybricks kit includes 2100 pieces giving 210 pieces per student.
  • Whybricks is made to last with excellent quality building pieces.
  • Whybricks is a complete teaching tool in its own right, and also an excellent tool for integrating with robotics kits such as Lego Mindstorms, Hummingbird ad Edison.

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