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What is Ozobot?

Ozobot is a range of small but powerful robots which come with 2 Ways to Code – screen-free with Color Codes and on-screen with Ozobot Blockly, which make ozobot a versatile robot for a range of school grades. 

What is the difference between Ozobot BIT+ and Ozobot Evo?

Ozobot EVO is the newest generation, award-winning smart miniature robot that bridges digital and physical World, through coding, creative play and gaming activities. Ozobot Evo adds sound, sensors and more accuracy, which means Ozobot Evo can act and interact  better, and has a much higher ceiling for coding, control and play. Ozobot Evo has a dedicated app (iOS/Android) within which your can drive, code, control and even maintain your Evo, all through fun and educational activities, challenges and games, .

Ozobot Bit (currently Bit+) is a tiny but powerful smart robot that engages kids in STEM, coding and computer science learning through a collection of game based activities, digital apps and coding challenges. Ozobot's easy-to-understand colour code language makes Ozobot Bit+ the perfect choice for introducing young minds (5+) to concepts that are vital to their success in the 21st century.

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