Speaking and Listening

From Talking Points, an easy to use and inexpensive Recording Device, to Rainbow Easi-speaks, an award winning Digital Voice Recorder , in our Speaking and Listening section you can find a heap of teaching resources to enhance learners speaking, listening and communication skills. From early childhood development basics like counting and spelling, to digital literacy through podcasting, digital story telling through animation and memory improvement through educational games, our speaking and listening tools can support all ages, and are often a simple way to use ICT across many subjects.

"Wonderful service and awesome devices! The Big Points arrived in 2 days and are amazing to use. The teachers who have them were very excited to get them and used them straight away. They were thrilled at how easy it is to use the devices. The kids were also super excited to hear their voices"

Julie, Melbourne

2 APR 2017, 12:21

"I am an educational and software advisor at SPELD SA. I have been using and recommending Talk Time Products for students with specific learning difficulties and for general classroom use for the past 5 years."

Sandy Russo, SPELD

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"The team at Education Technology Specialists were excellent. Incredible helpful, professional and prompt with service and replies. Thanks so much and we will definitely be back to order more!"

Nicole, Canberra

15 SEP 2017, 14:42