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TTS ClassCast - Audio Broadcasting System and Headphones

TTS ClassCast - Audio Broadcasting System and Headphones

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TTS ClassCast is TTS's innovative way to share audio in the classroom.

TTS ClassCast you can wirelessly transmit audio from virtually any device! Simply connect the device to the transmitter and the audio will automatically stream to the connected headsets.
The headsets and transmitter have three channels (A/B/C) which means that can you have more than one transmitter being used in the same space.

TTS ClassCast comes with six headsets, all wireless and rechargeable.
The headsets are robust and durable to stand the test of time in any classroom, even the ear cushions are replaceable! You can connect up to 18 headsets to one transmitter for wider sharing in the classroom and the range is up to 30 metres so children can walk around with these headsets on.

The transmitter also has a microphone cut in button which is extremely handy for interrupting the audio to speak directly into the children's headsets.

The TTS ClassCast is the ideal way to share audio to headsets, great for story time, working around one tablet/laptop or listening to music.

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