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Pro-Bot provides an extension to Bee Bot. The bright attractive car design continues to provides child appeal and the robust and durable design can withstand everyday classroom use. It allows freedom of programming and also encourages creativity with Pro-Bot's ability to create drawings.

Pro Bot can be used in a variety of subject areas and contexts to explore directional language, sequencing, patterns, angles, estimation and measurement.

Utilising Logo Programming language Pro Bot is also the ideal beginning resource into programming and the writing of procedures. This makes it perfect for the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills learned with using Bee-bot.
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Pro-Bot Rechargeable Pro-Bot Rechargeable Value Bundle Probotix Software - Single User
Pro-Bot Rechargeable
Our Price: $180.91 (199.00 inc GST)
Pro-Bot Rechargeable Value Bundle
Our Price: $680.91 (749.00 inc GST)
Probotix Software - Single User
Our Price: $80.91 (89.00 inc GST)
A floor robot with in built sensors to teach kids programming. Pro-Bot Rechargeable Value Bundle Enable children to take complete control of programming their Pro-Bot with the use of this on-screen logo programming software.
Pro-Bot Markers - pack of 4 TTS 4k Sports Camera with Wi-fi Robot Camera Mount for Pro-bot
Pro-Bot Markers - pack of 4
Our Price: $9.05 (9.96 inc GST)
TTS 4k Sports Camera with Wi-fi
Our Price: $180.91 ($199.00 inc GST)
Sale Price: $139.00 (152.90 inc GST)
Savings: $46.10
Robot Camera Mount for Pro-bot
Our Price: $8.18 (9.00 inc GST)
These specific markers are designed to fit into the Pro-Bot's pen holder. The TTS Sports Camera with WiFi offers a modern, simple and fun way to capture images and videos.
Turn your Pro-Bot, Ino-bot or Rugged Robot into the ultimate robot rover with this universal camera mount.
Pro-Bot Mat - Transparent Grid Pro-Bot Mat - Amusement Park Mount Panorama Robot Raceway
Pro-Bot Mat - Transparent Grid
Our Price: $71.82 (79.00 inc GST)
Pro-Bot Mat - Amusement Park
Our Price: $90.00 (99.00 inc GST)
Mount Panorama Robot Raceway
Our Price: $53.64 (59.00 inc GST)
Unlock endless Pro-Bot activities using this transparent mat with a basic grid overlay. Pro-Bot can experience the thrills and spills of a theme park with this exciting Amusement Park Mat. Use the Mount Panorama Race Track to challenge students to build and programme robots to race in your schools Mount Panorama Time trials !
Route Mat for Pro-Bot and InO-Bot Pro-Bot USB Cable
Route Mat for Pro-Bot and InO-Bot
Our Price: $135.45 (149.00 inc GST)
Pro-Bot USB Cable
Our Price: $18.14 (19.95 inc GST)
Choose a route and then program Pro-Bot or InO-Bot to follow it. With its multi-colored criss-crossing roads, the Route Mat offers unlimited challenges for designing Pro-Bot and InO-Bot trips USB cable specifically designed for the Pro-Bot, for use with Pro-Botix Software