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From Talking Points, an easy to use and inexpensive Recording Device, to Rainbow Easi-speaks, an award winning Digital Voice Recorder , in our Speaking and Listening section you can find a heap of teaching resources to enhance learners speaking, listening and communication skills.

From early childhood development basics like counting and spelling, to digital literacy through podcasting, digital story telling through animation and memory improvement through educational games, our speaking and listening tools can support all ages, and are often a simple way to use ICT across many subjects.

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Easi-Ears Easi-Ears

A unique digital Listening Station with wireless headphones, designed for primary schools and nurseries.

Our Price: $1,090.00 (1,199.00 inc GST)
Easi Phones Easi Phones

Six rechargeable walkie-talkies in rainbow colours with docking station. Styled like smart-phones for realistic ICT role play with a built in record function.

Our Price: $359.95 ($395.95 inc GST)
Sale Price: $340.86 (374.95 inc GST)
Savings: $20.99

Easi-Listener Easi-Listener

Listening Station with CD Player, Radio, Jack for connecting MPS or smart phone and USB functionality too

Our Price: $144.55 (159.01 inc GST)
Talking Alphabet Cards **No Longer Available** Talking Alphabet Cards **No Longer Available**

Practise your alphabet and spell simple words with these new talking alphabet cards.

Our Price: $180.91 (199.00 inc GST)
Budget Headphones Budget Headphones

Multimedia head phones Use with Easi-Speaks, Easi-Speak Sound Stations, Easi-listener Listening Posts, or any other devices fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack.

Our Price: $13.59 (14.95 inc GST)
TTS USB Headset TTS USB Headset

The USB headset is ideal for when children need to do voice recording work individually.

Our Price: $45.41 (49.95 inc GST)
Easi-MIC Easi-MIC

Easi-Mic is a high quality desk microphone with USB 2.0 connection

Our Price: $90.00 (99.00 inc GST)