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Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack
Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack
Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack
Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack
Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack

Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit - 6 Pack

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***Please note this product is currently out of stock and available for pre-order. More stock due to arrive in mid-March***

Ozobot Bit+: the new Blockly-programmable educational robot

STEAM Made Simple – Engage 1 teacher and 6-12 students 

Ozobot Bit+ belongs to the new generation of Ozobot educational robots. It’s a small mobile platform you can program on Ozobot Blockly, a visual and intuitive editor suitable even for primary schools. Ozobot Bit+ has in-built optical sensors, and can also be programmed without a display. Simply use the colour code markers supplied in the kit and your robot will react to your drawings in the course of its journey.

Pupils being taught computer languages in primary school will also learn programming algorithms and develop more well-structured thought processes. Ozobot Bit+ is a fun and friendly educational tool you can use from nursery school. It’s also Arduino compatible, making it a good choice for a more advanced STEAM education in secondary schools.

The Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit

To get started more rapidly with Ozobot Bit+, the brand has put together a kit containing six educational robot and its accessories: charging cable, storage case, set of markers, etc. And there’s a comprehensive activity booklet to help you launch some first challenges in your classroom, a workshop or at home.

Technical specifications of the Ozobot Bit+ Mini Classroom Kit

Ozobot Bit+ robot:

  • Rechargeable LiPo battery
  • 3x more battery capacity than Ozobot Bit
  • New power switch to maximise battery life
  • Wireless charging equipped
  • Twice as much autonomy
  • Optical sensors for line following and colour codes
  • Improved LEDs
  • Arduino compatible
  • Connectivity: Ozobot Blockly (via USB)
  • Strong polycarbonate shell

The kit includes:

  • 6x Ozobot Bit+ robot
  • 6x charging cable
  • 6x colour code markers (4Packs)
  • Get started activities
  • 6x protective zip case
  • 1x Ozobot 6 Port USB Charger

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