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TTS Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars
TTS Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars

TTS Easi-Cars Remote Control Cars

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Integrating ICT into your setting can be a challenge, especially in nurseries and preschools. We know that changing batteries should be the least of your worries as you plan effectively, instigate freeflow learning and assess every child accordingly.
With that in mind, our rEvolutionary range of rechargeable ICT resources designed especially for Nurseries, Preschools and Foundation stage helps you introduce ICT without the hassle.

The remote control Easi-cars are a fantastic example of what this range has to offer. In four vibrant colours with corresponding handset controls, they have been designed to work together at the same time.
For the first time in your setting, up to four children can use remote control resources together without worrying about frequencies clashing.

We wanted these cars to be as appealing as possible to children. With their attractive design and headlights that light up when they move, both girls and boys will be eager to start exploring your setting with these wonderful Early Years resources.

The two button control allows the cars to go forward and reverse to change direction. We class this as a 'stage two' remote control - it's a great stepping stone between simple one button (stage one) cars and three or four button cars. Stage two allows children to explore cause and effect as they make simple choices between 'forward' and 'reverse turn'.

Use indoors and out (on flat terrain). They're super for using with small world buildings, following different routes, races or just exploring and developing key ICT skills.

The set of four cars come with a docking station for charging that doubles as a storage centre for these fantastic resources - perfect for self selection and freeflow play.
With no batteries required, these innovative vehicles will not only save the hassle of replacing batteries, they will recoup the cost of batteries alone in the first year of use.

Ideal for developing directional language, communication and collaboration skills as children work and play together, control skills and appreciation of space and place, the Easi-Cars will be a firm favourite in your setting for years to come.
Set includes four cars, four handsets, docking station and power adapater.
For ages 3yrs+.

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