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TTS 44 Sounds and Spelling Tubs

TTS 44 Sounds and Spelling Tubs

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Teach phonics with a more tactile approach with the 44 Sounds and Spelling Tubs. Each tub represents and is labelled with one of the 44 sounds of the English Language. Inside each tub is a list and a number of visual items to show and represent the alternative spellings of one particular sound eg: 'ai' for snail but also 'a_e' as in cake, 'eigh' as in weight and so on, helping children to see how different spellings can create the same sound.

The tubs can be used for an assessment of sounds in either a pre-phonics context or as preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. The format of this great set allows you to teach phonics in a structured approach, introducing only the relevant sounds that are being taught at that time or in your daily phonics session. This allows the 44 Sounds Tubs to be accessible for all levels and whole class teaching, making it a really cost-effective classroom resource.

The tubs are perfect to use from foundation stage looking at initial sounds, through to KS2 where children may need some additional support with spelling and reinforcement with phonics. In addition to this, the visual and tactile aspect of the items in the tubs are a great learning tool for EAL children of all ages, allowing them to match a sound to a physical object developing understanding in context.

There is a label on each tub so all items can be replaced into the correct container and a simple storage box, which helps make the whole resource part of the classroom.

Each kit comes....

  • Fully assembled, with labels on and pieces in the tubs
  • With full teaching guide incorporating lots of fun activities
  • Complete with classroom storage solution
  • Developed for the UK market

Perfect for:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Spelling
  • Assessment
  • Creative Writing
  • KS2 Phonics
  • EAL

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