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Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car
Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car
Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car
Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car
Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car

Wheel:bit - The micro:bit Wheeled Car

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Explore the possibilities and find your inner creativity with Wheel:bit

Wheel:bit is an affordable, multi-purpose, 3-wheeled car that can be transformed into a drawing machine or a soccer-playing robot. Wheel:bit can be driven autonomously, or be remotely controlled by another micro:bit. Use crafting and convert your vehicle into a dinosaur or a custom designed car.

Suitable from 4th grade in school or from 9 years. 

Supplied with and without :  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build wheel:bit multiple times? Yes, wheel:bit is easy to take apart again.

What is WonderKit and why should I have it? WonderKit are our best micro:bit products that can all be used together. The Start Pack contains components that can be reused on all WonderKit products. You therefore get more products at a lower price, and you don't have to learn different systems.

Is it difficult to build wheel:bit? Wheel:bit is very easy to both build and program. With the finished library, you choose the speed and direction, as well as what should happen after that. As long as you can use the micro:bit, you can also use the Wheel:bit. In school, you start with micro:bit in the 4th grade.

How many micro:bits do I need and does it have to be V2? Wheel:bit only requires 1 micro:bit V1 or V2, but it is also possible to remotely control it with an additional micro:bit.

Can you draw with wheel:bit? Yes, the wheel:bit has an attachment for a pen, so you can program drawings according to specific or random patterns.

Can I connect more things? Wheel:bit uses the WonderKit control board which has several different connections. Wheel:bit only uses two connections, so that two motors and a servo or external sensor can be connected in addition.

Is wheel:bit environmentally friendly? Our products are based on birch veneer and electronics that are reused in several products, as well as rechargeable batteries. All our building kits are repairable, so you only have to replace individual components instead of having to throw away the entire product as you would otherwise have to do.

Is the wheel:bit rechargeable? Yes, the Wheel:bit has a rechargeable battery and charges through the WonderKit Start Pack.

I am a teacher - can this be used in teaching? MakeKit's construction kits engage students and give them an interdisciplinary learning outcome and professional mastery.  The building sets fulfil a number of learning objectives in Mathematics, K&H, Science, and come with learning plans. The building sets are repairable and are based on creator-friendly and repairable materials. Hover:bit is very suitable for STEM or STEAM education and is used in teaching in schools all over the world.

Can everyone learn to code? Yes! Coding is both fun and rewarding for everyone between the ages of 6 and 106. All that is required is that you try and set aside time.

Which programming ​​can be used? On our micro:bit products, both blocks, Javascript and Python can be used. This makes the products suitable for both beginners and advanced users. 

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