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Bee-Bot Bundle - Community Maps and Activity Tins Sets

Bee-Bot Bundle - Community Maps and Activity Tins Sets

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Bee-Bot and Blue-bot World Bundle

This is a set of 4 Bee-Bot® World Mats with associated Activity Tins. With the new & improved Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, we have introduced a brand new range of activity tins, mats and resources!

This new range features exciting cross-curricular resources, which will assist with the teaching of control, directional language and programming across other subject areas.

The Bee-Bot Rechargeable Community Maps and Activity Tins Bundle includes;

  • Countryside Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tins.
  • Transport and Industry Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tins.
  • People Who Help Us Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tins.
  • Seaside Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tins.

You can use the mats individually, or connect them together to build one huge Bee-Bot landscape with 4 different zone.

Each mat measures 5x5 Bee-Bot squares (75cm x 75cm total) with the whole World Landscape measuring 150cm x 150cmwhen using all 4 mats together

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