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Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack
Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack
Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack
Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack
Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack

Air:bit Class Kit - 6 Pack

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This is the Air:bit Drone Class Kit - a distillation of 6 Air:bit Drone kits

Introducing Air:bit 2, a drone kit for the BBC micro:bit which you build, code and then fly.

Air:bit is a STEAM learning kit which will engage students with a practical and creative way of learning.

Air:bit combines the micro:bits ease of use with the excitement and engagement of flying a drone. Air:bit is the world's first ever developed micro:bit drone, combining the relevant skills for mastering the future of coding, engineering and technology.

With Air:bit, you take the STEM a step further.... First, build and code your own drone, next, control it with code, an iPad or Android app, or build your own controller using another micro:bit. Once you've learned about engines, aerodynamics, batteries and more, you can design and fabricate your own frames using a 3d printer, laser cutter or any other skill and technology you want to bring to the class - fit in classes as science, arts and crafts, coding and programming, engineering, mathematics and more!

Key Features of the MakeKit Air:bit

  • Make:code or java-programming
  • Fly using a programmable remote (using a 2nd micro:bot) and app (IOS and Android)
  • Advanced measurements in real-time
  • Upgradeable with Camera and multiple sensors

With the Air:bit, it's possible to add a camera and sensors - which means you can extend the ways you can use the Air:bit to take pictures and even do FPV and advanced autonomous flights.

What's included with the Air:bit Class Kit?

  • 6 MakeKit Air:bit flight board with charger
  • 6 High discharge lithium (LiPo) battery with fuse
  • 24 Coreless high power electric motors
  • 48 Propellers (4 spares per Air:bit)
  • 6 Complete Air:bit plywood frame
  • 30 Propeller protection set
  • 6 Remote control plywood holder
  • 162 Nylon screws, nuts and bolts
  • 30 Electrical aluminium spacers
  • 66 Silicone rings
  • 12 Rubber bands
  • Accessories from the cardboard box

Warranty Information

The Air:bit comes with a 1 year warranty. This does not cover consumable parts such as propellers and cardboard accessories. The air:bit is fully repairable (by students) and should withstand a lot of crashes.


micro:bits are not included as standard with this kit.

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