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Beam Air by Flux

Beam Air by Flux

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Beam Air

Simple, Elegant and Fresh.

4 - Layer Filter for Ultra Clean Air

Beam Air uses a highly effective 4 - layer filtration system and a brushless motor with super air intake to block harmful molecules and odours generated during laser engraving.

Adjustable Ventilation Makes A Friendly Workspace

The adjustable knob design allows you to control the amount of air ventilation and reduces noise for a quiet working space.

Automatic Filtering Saves Energy

By connecting Beam Air to any FLUX laser cutter with a USB-B cable, Beam Air will turn on automatically when laser cutting starts and off when finishes.

Compatible with Other Laser Cutting Machines

Beam Air works with any laser cutting machine that comes with a 10cm air-outlet diameter.

Simple and Elegant

Compact with a small footprint, Beam Air even has wheels attached to fit perfectly into your studio.


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