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Bee-Bot Value Class Kit

Bee-Bot Value Class Kit

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This great value bundle is an easy way to introduce Bee-Bot to your whole classroom. With 12 Bee-Bots and heaps of accessories and mats... your Bee-Bots (and students) will be buzzing in no time!

The Bee-bot Value Class Kit includes;

  • 12 x Bee-Bot (new audio enabled and rechargeable model)
  • 2 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Charging Dock
  • 2 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Storage Hive Bag
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mini Sequence Cards
  • 1 x Bee-Bot Mathematics Activities Box
  • 1 x Bee-Bot Trailer
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australia Map
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australian Currency
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Shape, Colour & Size
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Solar System Floor Mat
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Transparent Grid

Warranty and Support

All items in the Bee-Bot Class Kit have a 1 year warranty.

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