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Blue-Bot Value Bundle

Blue-Bot Value Bundle

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Boost learning and enthusiasm in a classroom with multiple Blue-Bots! The Value Bundle allows you to equip your classroom with Blue-Bots and accessories at a discounted cost over buying the items separately.

The Blue-bot Value Bundle includes;

  • 12 x Blue-Bot (new audio enabled and rechargeable model)
  • 2 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Charging Dock
  • 2 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Storage Hive Bag
  • 2 x Blue-Bot TacTile Reader
  • 1 x Blue-Bot TacTile Standard Pack
  • 1 x Blue-Bot TacTile Extension Pack
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australia Map
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australian Currency
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Shape, Colour & Size
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Solar System Floor Mat
  • 1 x Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Transparent Grid

Take advantage of the volume discount offered by the Value Bundle to set up an exciting Bot environment in your classroom and boost the excitement and learning exponentially.

Warranty and Support

All items in the Blue-Bot Value Bundle have a 1 year warranty.

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