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Distance Sensor

Hummingbird Duo Distance Sensor

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The Hummingbird Duo distance sensor will reliably detect objects and measure their distance from the sensor - Detect people walking past, create obstacle avoiding robots, or a robot to map out a maze.

The sensor is based on the Sharp GP2Y0A60SZ0F module and can reliably detect objects from 5 to 100 centimeters away. The sensor features a few improvements over standard IR distance sensors:

  • Range (5 to 100+ cm)
  • Run off 4.5 to 5.5V by default, but can be switched to 2.7V to 3.6V mode by removing the resistor on the opposite side of the board from the connector.
  • 50 cm braided cable included
  • Protection diode protects sensor from reverse voltage
The "Distance Sensor (Hummingbird Duo)" is only compatible with the Hummingbird Duo.

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