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DJI Protective Cage for Tello Drone

DJI Protective Cage for Tello Drone

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$29.94 Inc GST
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Reinforce your Tello drone’s safety while in flight with the Pgytech Protective Cage for TELLO. Offering 360 degrees of protection, the cage allows you to perform acrobatic manoeuvres or race and chase other drones without worry.

Key Features
Thanks to its ingenious design, the Pgytech Protective Cage for TELLO helps ensure your drone is always up-facing and ready for take off even if you crash.
Highly-durable, this protective case is made from elastic PP materials.
Tipping the scale at merely 13 grams, the Pgytech Protective Cage creates very little aerodynamic resistance and does not compromise your drone’s battery life and consumption.
A breeze to install, this Tello Cage’s arm snaps and detaches to its sleeve in one fluid motion.

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