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ElecFreaks joystick:bit for micro:bit

ElecFreaks joystick:bit for micro:bit

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ElecFreaks Joystick:bit for micro:bit is a fun micro:bit extension module.
It contains a 4-direction joystick and 6 undefined buttons. Once we plug micro:bit board into the center connector slot on the board, it becomes a free defined programmable game joystick. It has spare room for other IO port to do soldering. You can solder by yourself to lead out these IO ports and master more extension possibilities.


Develop Environment:Javascript / Makecode / Microsoft Touch Develop / Python.
Support UART serial port.
Support GVS-Octopus electric brick.
Integrated a joystick and 6 undefined keys.
Support the extension of IIC module.
Support the extension of SPI module.
Internal Power Input Voltage: DC 3.9V-4.5V
External Power Input Voltage: DC 3.9V-18V
Size: 103.00mm X 64.00mm
Weight: 54 g


Support Bluetooth 4.0 device(based on micro:bit)
Support GVS connector, compatible with modules of ElecFreaks Octopus electric brick series.
Remote control smart cars, balance cars.
Users can use it to develop remote control robotics, robotic arms, etc..

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