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Emblaser 2 - Indoor fume filtration unit

Emblaser 2 - Indoor fume filtration unit

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$1,019.00 Inc GST
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Use you Emblaser indoors without needing to vent fumes out through a window. The Filter system is very quiet and uses a set of filters containing activated carbon to remove visible fumes. The F2000 filtration system is a HUGE improvement and runs without leaking out any smells!

Key Features include;

  • The NEW F2000 Fume Filtration Unit can support filtration for up to two Emblasers running simultaneously. 
  • Metal body construction.
  • Strong and durable
  • Noise reduction design for quiet operation
  • Three stage filter ensures excellent purificatio
  • High quality alloy fan achieves great suction power
  • Roller wheels for easy positioning


  • F2000 Fume Extractor
  • Filter set (Pre Filter, HEPA & Activated Carbon)
  • Extra Pre-Filters
  • Country specific power lead
  • Instructions

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