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Green Screen Studio Starter Kit

Green Screen Studio Starter Kit

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Our Green Screen Starter Kit includes a green screen muslin background, background stand and clips, and four (4) soft box studio lights... all you need to get started creating professional green screen results in your video and photography projects.

Technical Specifications and Kit Inclusions:

Muslin Background (1x in this kit)
• 3m (h) x 2m (w)
• 100% light absorbing cotton muslin.
• 150gsm thickness
• 3" rod pocket for easy fit with stand
• Hemmed edges to prevent rips and machine wash and ironable.

Background Stand (1x in this kit)
• 3m (w) x 2m (H)
• Portable, easy to assemble and disassemble and made of aluminum for strength and lightness.
• Height adjustable up to approx 2m and width adjustable in 4 sections to a total of approx 3m wide
• Designed to hold canvas, paper or cotton muslin backdrops

Soft Box Studio Lighting (4x lights in this kit)
• Premium 50cm x 70cm Soft Box Lights which eliminate glare and spots with even lighting.
• 125w Energy Saving large bright white studio lighting bulbs, equal to 525W normal light.
• Aluminum light stand with adjustable height and 3 legs for solid support.

The kit also includes 4 background clips which help keep the muslin background taut when mounted to the sides of the background stand.

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