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GrovePi Starter Kit

GrovePi Starter Kit

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GrovePi helps you build your own smart devices utilising Raspberry Pi. No need for soldering or breadboards, just plug in your sensors and start programming. The easiest way to start prototyping your hardware dreams and connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet of Things.

What’s Included in the Base Kit?

The GrovePi+ Base Kit gets you up and running with the GrovePi quickly. The Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Kit includes:

GrovePi Board

GrovePi+ Quick Start Guide

Plastic Storage Box

Grove – Sound Sensor

Grove – Temperature and Humidity

Grove – Light Sensors

Grove – Relay

Grove – Button

Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger

Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor

Grove – LCD RGB Backlight

Grove – Buzzer

Grove – Red LED

Grove – Blue LED

Grove – Green LED

Sensor Cables

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