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HUE HD Camera

HUE HD Camera

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The HUE HD camera is a cost-effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera, and is perfect for stop-motion animation. Easy to use and portable, this camera is popular with teachers throughout the world.

The built-in microphone allows you to record your presentation or a student speaking about a topic. With its weighted base and flexible neck, the camera can also be used to magnify very small items such as insects, circuit boards and more to share them with the whole classroom.

Unique, innovatively-designed USB camera with a built-in microphone.
The camera can be removed from its base and plugged directly into a USB port for use as a webcam with online chat applications, such as Skype™, FaceTime, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and every other major network. It will also work with web-casting services such as uStream. Widely used as a portable classroom document camera/visualiser in conjunction with a whiteboard.

Perfect for creating animated films, live videos or time-lapse recordings with HUE Animation, available separately or as a bundle. Use the camera for real time live video and for recording sound and video.

The HUE USB camera produces excellent image quality even when projected onto a whiteboard. Plug and play: simply connect the HUE camera to your computer’s USB port and it will be ready to use. By connecting your HUE camera to your computer and a projector you can share students’ work, books, experiments and pictures.

Use HUE visualisers for: Lessons on an interactive whiteboard Student presentations An alternative to a basic microscope Stop motion animation Distance learning Video journals (vlogging) Video chat with other schools Video conferencing

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