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Huion Pen Tablet Inspiroy Q11K V2

Huion Pen Tablet Inspiroy Q11K V2

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$249.00 Inc GST
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1. New battery-free pen: PW500 battery-free pen is ergonomic design which can effectively reduce the fatigue caused by holding a pen for a long time.

2. Tilt function combined with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity: it is not only with great accuracy but also performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers, offering a real and natural writing experience.

3. Customizable Shortcut Keys: it is convenient to customize your preference shortcuts.

4. Active area: 11 x 6.875 inch; Thickness:11mm; Resolution: 5080 LPI; Report rate: 266 PPS; Sensing height: 10mm; Battery capacity: 2500mAh; Battery life:30hrs.

5. Available for wired & wireless modes: in addition to the traditional wired connection mode, you can also choose the wireless mode which provides you an amazing cordless working experience.

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