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Kai's Clan Classroom Pack - 12 Robots

Kai's Clan Classroom Pack - 12 Robots

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Introducing Kai's Clan Classroom Pack - a coding and robot platform with AR/VR content which provides endless possibilities for teaching and learning.

Kai’s Clan is a one-stop-shop for a totally immersive and collaborative AR VR coding and robotics experience. Teach coding, robotics, AR, VR and Internet of Things (IoT) in one-easy-to-use web platform that works seamlessly on just about any device, and across grades and learning levels. 

Kai's Clan Classroom Pack includes:

  • 12x Robots
  • 2 x Kai’s Eye App License.
  • 1 x Mars Discovery Activities Mat
  • 1 x Automated Warehouse AR/VR Activities Mat.
  • Educational lesson plans and content

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