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littleBits CloudBit

littleBits CloudBit

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Recreate the most popular smart devices, use littleBits to prototype the next billion dollar idea, or invent a project that solves your own, unique problem. Perfect for hackers, designers, makers and tinkerers of all levels--without the programming, soldering and wiring normally required.

Connect everything! Now your entire littleBits library can talk to the internet and vice versa. Build with 5 intro projects, including an SMS doorbell, internet-connected lamp and many more online! Automate with IFTTT to connect with any web service, like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, or hardware like NEST and Phillips HUE Remote control and readout to control your circuits across the room or across the world. Code with the cloud API or using the Arduino module for further customization [optional]

Check out our Tips and Tricks for more ideas on using cloud.

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