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littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall
littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall
littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall
littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall
littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall
littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall

littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall

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$9,995.00 Inc GST
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Our giant collection of nearly every Bit provides limitless options for schools and makerspaces.

  • Access STEAM+ Coding Kit content and hours of inventions and creative builds via littleBits classroom
  • 296 Bits
  • Wall storage for easy Bit organization and access
  • 3 craft packs
  • Grades 3+
  • Engage 32 students

NOTE: This kit is an upgrade of the Pro Library. The previous square LED matrix has been replaced by a round matrix. Some images on this page may still contain the square matrix.

Featured Activities


Rock out with your own Keytar invention and customize your sound through code.
Code custom games with the LED matrix and create controllers with the the button bits.
Program a game of Hot Potato and create your own creepy creature to pass around.





Meet the Makerspace Invention Wall

Our Makerspace Invention Wall arms your classroom or makerspace with all the Bits you need to unleash creativity, design thinking, hands-on learning, and engineering experimentation. Get individuals and groups prototyping inventions, large and small. 

Visit littleBits Classroom to take a look at our Planning Tools, Student Resources, and Curriculum to find the learning path that's right for you and your students.

What your Students will Gain

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning through tinkering with inputs, outputs, sensors, and motors to gain tech literacy.


Application of fundamental concepts such as circuitry, engineering, physics, art, and design thinking.

Serious Skills

Creative confidence and critical 21st century skills through scaffolded activities.

littleBits Fuse App

Expand upon what your inventions can do using the littleBits Fuse app to program your Bits using conditionals, loops, and functions. Students can create virtual circuits in their own workspace and learn how littleBits’ snap together to ensure their Bits are compatible and their inventions can come to life.

Designed for learner progression, students can take notes in their digital inventor’s notebook and program using blocks or JavaScript. You can save your workspace as well as send it back to your teacher for review.

Technical: Fuse is a progressive web app that is browser based and uses Chrome’s fast web USB/BLE API for connection management. For programming Fuse uses MakeCodes block programming canvas. Device must have bluetooth capability to download code from the Fuse app to the codeBit.


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