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littleBits Makey Makey Bit

littleBits Makey Makey Bit

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Ready to incorporate a carrot your sunglasses or great-grandma into your littleBits creations? The Makey Makey Bit turns everyday conductive objects (like bananas) into triggers that control your circuit and even your computer. You can connect the Makey Makey Bit to these objects using the included alligator clips.


Make a touchpad out of ANYTHING by attaching alligator clips (4 are included!) to the Makey Makey Bit. For example: you and a banana. When you touch the banana you complete the connection and the Makey Makey Bit sends a signal to either your computer (move cursor left or right) or to your Bits (flash an LED or turn a motor). Scroll right to see the 3 interactions you can make!

Trigger your Bits with any conductive object. Touch a banana to turn on an LED splash water to move a servo motor or turn a watermelon into a bass drum!

Use regular Bits like sensors and triggers to control the cursors on your computer. Make a whimsical photobooth with your computer by using the sound trigger. Take pictures with a clap sneeze--anything that makes sound.


Use any object that can hold electricity like oranges foil or people to control the cursors on your computer.

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