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littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack
littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack
littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack
littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack
littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack

littleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack

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The littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack by Sphero is an all-in-one coding and engineering educational solution designed to inspire and engage students grades 3–8 in STEAM learning. This comprehensive kit includes 10 individualized sets with storage, a comprehensive Invention Guide, and over 40 hours of standards-aligned STEAM curriculum to fuel critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork through hands-on activities and projects. In the free Fuse app, students can level up the learning experience by programming littleBits inventions with the codeBit and simulating circuits.

STEAM+ Class Pack Key Features

  • ENGAGES UP TO 40 STUDENTS: The littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack is designed to engage up to 40 students, making it an ideal solution for classrooms or other educational settings.
  • OVER 40 HOURS OF CURRICULUM: With more than 40 hours of standards-aligned STEAM lessons and activities, educators can easily integrate the littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack into their existing curriculum. Students practice their programming skills with—a virtual circuit builder and programming platform when used with the included codeBit.
  • INNOVATIVE MODULAR DESIGN: The littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack features a unique, color-coded modular system that allows students to explore electronics, coding, and engineering concepts in an intuitive, engaging manner. 
  • SUPPORTS COLLABORATION: The Class Pack includes 10 individual kits, each designed to support multiple students, encouraging teamwork, communication, and collaboration as students work together to create innovative solutions to challenges and projects.
  • EASY ORGANIZATION AND STORAGE: Built-in storage makes it simple to keep the littleBits components organized and portable, ensuring that students can focus on learning and exploration without the hassle of clutter or lost components.

NOTE: The previous square LED matrix has been replaced by a round matrix. Some images on this page may still contain the square matrix.

What's Included

  • 10x temperature sensor
  • 10x long LED
  • 10x buzzer
  • 10x cross axle servo
  • 10x USB power
  • 20x wire
  • 10x pressure sensor
  • 10x speaker
  • 10x round LED matrix
  • 10x codeBit
  • 10x light sensor
  • 10x power
  • 20x cross axle DC motor
  • 10x pulse
  • 10x fork
  • 10x slide dimmer
  • 10x fan
  • 10x inverter
  • 10x number
  • 10x RGB LED
  • 10x bargraph
  • 360 Accessories (rechargeable batteries, wheels, mechanical arms, mounting boards, and more!)
  • 10x Durable Storage Carrying Cases
  • 1 Invention Guide

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