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Lumens PS752 Desktop Document Camera
Lumens PS752 Desktop Document Camera
Lumens PS752 Desktop Document Camera
Lumens PS752 Desktop Document Camera

Lumens PS752 Desktop Document Camera

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Desktop Document Camera
  • Full HD 1080p output resolution with 30fps
  • Large (A3+) shooting area for documents and 3D objects
  • Full sized built-in LED backlight design for X-rays, film, and slides
  • VGA, HDMI input and output and supports VGA, HDMI pass-thru
  • 20x variable zoom ratio
  • Records audio and video to USB flash drives up-to 4TB
  • Dual gooseneck anti-reflection lamps 
  • Folds down to a height of six inches (15 cm) 

Excellent Image Quality

The professional image sensor features low noise, high resolution, and vivid color reproduction. Shooting at 30 frames per second, PS752 outputs and records smooth HD video, giving students and audiences a superb viewing experience. The dual lamps mounted onto flexible goosenecks deliver excellent illumination while helping to avoid distracting reflections. The backlit LED enables the PS752 to capture celluloid film and x-rays, making the unit ideal as a medical training tool.

Standalone Operation

As a portable device which folds down for easy transport, PS752 can be used standalone, without the use of a PC. Simply plug in a wired or wireless mouse to enable the image to be directly edited, annotated, and adjusted using the processing power of the unit. The auto tune button further accelerates visualization, automatically adjusting the clarity, brightness, and color for excellent results.

Storing and Display Video

PS752 records video with accompanying audio directly onto USB drives. Supporting capacities up-to 4TB, users can store a very large number of files, without the need to transfer data to a PC or external storage. The document camera features HDMI, VGA, and composite video outputs for easy connection to screens and projectors. With VGA and HDMI inputs, the user can instantly switch between the output of their PC or iPad and the output of the document camera. 

USB Connectivity for Advanced Functionality

Link PS752 to a PC or Mac computer for access to advanced features. The camera and microphone can be detected by video conferencing software, transforming the visualizer into an ultra-flexible webcam. The unit also supports Ladibug Software with its precise drawing, image enhancement, and creative annotation tools.

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